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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Funny Little Things

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Funny Little Things

There are days where you just try to get everything done that you possibly can... if you have the motivation.
Sometimes during these days you have to fill it with interesting things to amuse yourself. And sometimes the universe just makes it happen for you.
For example:
You have a new favorite top 40 song.  You go through every preset you have in the car to see if someone is playing that song at 3 red lights in a row.  Somedays three stations will be playing it at once... or if you are REALLY lucky... one station after another will play it so you can listen to it over and over agian.
Other days the radio fails and you don't hear the song at all unless you get on soundcloud or youtube.

(le sigh)

The universe must be in my favor today.
It isn't even lunch time and I have had three good little things happen:

1. The bird got up when I did.  Those of you who DON'T know... I have a bird.  A Sun Conure.  His name is Jerry Sienfeld. HE IS LOUD.  All Sun Conures are loud.  It is just their nature.  When they wake up in the morning they scream to tell the rest of the flock that its safe to come out and find breakfast.
None of my neighbors have ever complained or claim that they can even hear Jerry, except one.  He LOVES to come pound on my door in the morning to tell me to shut that bird up and turn my radio down.  He works graveyard and needs some sleep... (my radio isn't on and the bird screamed ONCE... dunno how he even heard him)
Jerry didn't scream this morning. He finished eating, pooped, and then went to bed with Dad. (he cuddles under the blankets in bed sometimes and will even give us a back scratch/tickle with his beak).
Lucky thing one :)

2. I try to stay away from pop and caffiene. But I had a good breakfast this morning and was still totally dyin! I HAD TO HAVE A MT DEW! In the vending machines at work we have one button that says SURPRISE! and you only pay $.75 rather than the $1.50 because you don't know what you are getting.
I was short $.25 to get a Dew.  So I had to go with the SURPRISE button.  Usually it gives you something crappy like the powerade or iced T. So to me it was a big risk as I hate powerade and I can't drink iced T cuz Jesus doesn't want me to.
It gave me a LIVEWIRE MT DEW!  Drank it over the span of two hours and now I have the energy to blog at work.
Lucky thing two :)

3. I was using my lipgloss.  Every girl has to have a favorite lipgloss that she paid $8 or more for.  This is my $10 lipgloss. It is from bath and body works. I only just took the time to  read the label on it. (don't hate... do you ever try on lip gloss in the store and you like the color so you just buy it without even really looking at the packaging? I do it with cosmetics ALL THE TIME... not one of my best habits)
I read the label... this is edible.  Blue Colada it says.  I taste it... someone walks by and gives me the weirdest look for eating my lip gloss.. Whatever.  Its delicious!  My lipgloss just got better!
Lucky thing three :)

I guess its never too late for St. Patrick's Day luck!

Who knows what the rest of the day holds for me? :)
Hope your day is as lucky as mine!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Biting off more than I can church

So I decided that I want to be as involved in my ward as I possibly can.  So I have volunteered for many things.
I do the following for my ward:

1. Seth and I are the Nursery Leaders and we teach twice a month.  This is a blast! We have the best/easiest kids that seem to get along.  Now if I could just figure out how to really teach 2 year olds the lesson.
2. Activities Committee Leader Assistant.  We have ridiculous amounts of fun in our RS! We laugh and laugh and everyone has enjoyed my antics and personality THUS far. Love this calling.
3. Substitute Primary Teacher.
4. Substitute Primary Pianist
5. One of a few RS Pianists
6. One of four ward organists
7. Ward Choir High Soprano.  I am not a brilliant high soprano.  AT ALL. But I can do it lightly and straight toned... .which is better than the screeching that often happens in ward choir.  The conductors know this so any time I miss a practice or say I can't be at a "performance" I am given a phone call and  heck by everyone else at the next practice.
Sacrament meetings have been re-planned because I HAD A BABY BLESSING and couldn't be there to sing. I try to take it as a compliment but frankly its quite ridiculous. I have tried to quit twice.  I'm "not allowed to" until I get pregnant and no longer have the air capacity to sing high than a canary. (even if it IS poorly)

I have no children.  I work part time.  You would THINK I MIGHT have enough time for all of this.  Granted not all these callings are from week to week but I have to be flexible.  I am never in the same meetings from week to week and sometimes even month to month.
I am so thankful to be able to give service in so many capacities... but I have learned that I am my own worst enemy when it comes to giving myself too much work and stress.

I have got to learn to shut my own mouth haha!

Mailing me duct tape via UPS or USPS is welcome any time!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Because everyone else is doing it...

I have always enjoyed reading the blogs of others.  There are some amazing writers out there!

But it was very recently that I read a blog that touched me. Her posts were extremely personal but she posted them in the hopes that what she wrote might helpe somebody else. You know whom you are.. .thank you!

I am not about to write many very personal things and hope it will do someone some good... but it showed me how important a blog can be for journalizing, self expression, and the amusement and benefit of your friends. (because what are friends for if not amusement?)

I hope to post funny things that happen to me and Seth. 
I wish to document important things that happen in my life such as trying to get pregnant, pregnancy, nursing, church activity, etc.

I also hope to post randomness. I hope I succeed.
My success is only rated by your enjoyment in reading... so please comment! Send me private messages! Just enjoy! :)
Thanks for reading!